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African Cities Research Consortium is a collaborative approach to tackling complex problems in the continent’s rapidly changing cities.


Cities are complex, dynamic, political systems. We bring together the right people and an understanding of the political economy of individual cities to identify and address the critical challenges they are facing.

Our aim is to generate insights and evidence that will help improve the living conditions, services and life chances of all city residents, particularly for disadvantaged communities.


Postdoc Profile: Matthew Sharp

Postdoc Profile: Matthew Sharp

Matthew Sharp talks about his research background, his interest in zoning regulations and land use policies, and the importance of economics within urban planning.

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Youth empowerment and development in African cities

Youth empowerment and development in African cities

Young people are central to the opportunities, challenges and crises facing African cities. With 70% of sub-Saharan Africa under the age of 30, urban youth is set to play a potentially game-changing role in development outcomes across African cities in the coming decades.

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Postdoc Profile: Miriam Maina

Postdoc Profile: Miriam Maina

Miriam Maina talks about her background in urban planning, her interest in how towns and cities come together and the different actors involved, and why she is excited to be part of ACRC’s multisectoral community.

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"In time, the Face-Me-I-Face-Yous came to reflect the rapid, unequal urbanization experienced across Lagos as a whole."

A fascinating short history of one of Lagos' iconic housing styles from @citylab 👇

SAVE THE DATE | City of @helsinki + @UNUWIDER joint Sustainable Cities Discussion Forum: Decent work and economic growth (#SDG8)

📅 31 May
🕜 13:30 BST | 15:30 EEST
💬 #SustainableHelsinki

Livestream available via Helsinki-kanava 👉

In Nairobi, @AfricanCities_ research focuses on 4 domains:
•Structural Transformation
•Health, nutrition & wellbeing.

It’s also exploring the City’s politics, services & infrastructure with a range of urban practitioners @Wanavijiji @sdinet

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