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African Cities Research Consortium is a collaborative approach to tackling complex problems in the continent’s rapidly changing cities.


Cities are complex, dynamic, political systems. We bring together the right people and an understanding of the political economy of individual cities to identify and address the critical challenges they are facing.

Our aim is to generate insights and evidence that will help improve the living conditions, services and life chances of all city residents, particularly for disadvantaged communities.


Partner Spotlight: The University of Manchester

Partner Spotlight: The University of Manchester

One of the world’s leading research institutions, The University of Manchester is dedicated to advancing the sustainable development goals through its research, education, public engagement and responsible campus operations. The University is the lead partner in the African Cities Research Consortium, with operations based out of the Global Development Institute (GDI), part of the School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED).

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Getting to know Africa’s 100 largest cities

Getting to know Africa’s 100 largest cities

This blog considers what we know about Africa’s 100 largest cities – responding to the third blog in this series, which looked at what we don’t know. This is with a particular focus on the drivers and other influences that shape contemporary urban change.

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📺 Hear from @RansfordTweets, author of our Accra city scoping study, about the #urban challenges facing the city and how we're hoping to support the crucial reform work being done.

Read the full study here 👉

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📋 NEW | Accra: City Scoping Study

Discover the key findings and download the full paper here 👉

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Here our partners @OrdnanceSurvey, specifically Andy Wilson "Discussing Africa's Rapid Urbanisation and AI Mapping". We enjoyed the watch, hope you do too!

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