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Global Development Institute (GDI), The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester’s Global Development Institute (GDI) addresses global inequalities in order to promote a socially-just world in which all people, including future generations, are able to enjoy a decent life. Promoting social justice is as the heart of GDI’s ambition and is connected to its core values of inclusivity, responsibility, equity and sustainability.

GDI is leading the African Cities Research Consortium.


ICLEI Africa

ICLEI Africa

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is a global network of more than 2,500 local and regional governments committed to sustainable urban development. Active in more than 125 countries, ICLEI influences sustainability policy and drives local action for low emission, nature-based, equitable, resilient and circular development.



International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

IIED is an independent research organisation that aims to deliver positive change on a global scale. It delivers original, rigorous research that helps to drive progress, support sustainable development and protect the environment, identifying local solutions that can work at scale and introducing these to global forums.



Liverpool School of Architecture, University of Liverpool

The Liverpool School of Architecture was established in 1894 and became the first university in the UK to award a RIBA accredited degree in architecture. As one of the UK’s premier centres for architectural research and education, the school holds a strong position in the world of architecture, both nationally and internationally.



Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM)

Founded in 1898, LSTM was the first institution in the world dedicated to research and teaching in the field of tropical medicine. As a registered charity, it works across the world to reduce the burden of sickness and mortality in disease endemic countries, through delivering effective interventions which improve human health and are relevant to the poorest communities.




ODI is an independent, global think tank, working to inspire people to act on injustice and inequality. Through research, convening and influencing, it generates ideas that matter for people and planet. ODI leads thinking and agendas to deliver transformational change and bring back a global sense of resilient, just and equitable prosperity.



Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR)

PASGR is an independent, non-partisan, pan-African, not-for-profit organisation, established in 2011 and located in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently engaged in more than 12 African countries, PASGR works to enhance research excellence in governance and public policy that contributes to the overall wellbeing of women and men.



Slum Dwellers International (SDI)

SDI is a network of community-based organisations of the urban poor in 32 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. SDI is committed to supporting a process that is driven from below, and in each country where it has a presence, affiliate organisations come together at the community, city and national level to form federations of the urban poor.



United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER)

UNU-WIDER provides economic analysis and policy advice with the aim of promoting sustainable and equitable development for all. Beginning as the first research centre of the United Nations University, today it is a unique blend of think tank, research institute and UN agency – providing a range of services from policy advice to governments as well as freely available original research.


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The African Cities Research Consortium (ACRC) is funded by UK International Development. The views expressed by ACRC do not necessarily reflect the UK government’s official policies.