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FEATURED | Accra: City Scoping Study

Accra is the capital city of Ghana, the national economic centre and the country’s main connection with the global economy. The city’s role within the electoral swing region of Greater Accra is vital in deciding who wins the presidential elections, making Accra an
important political arena for national political elites. Accra faces complex challenges in key areas, including economic development, housing, energy, water and sanitation and transportation. The city’s vibrant sub-national-level politics is strongly connected to and
shaped by national-level politics, acting both as opportunities for and barriers to addressing complex urban challenges.

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    African Cities Research Consortium – Two-Page Summary

    African Cities | Apr 2021 | General

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    Accra: City Scoping Study

    Ransford A. Acheampong | Jun 2021 | City Scoping Studies

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