Towards urban reform: Navigating Kampala’s complex governance structure

Dec 1, 2023

Kampala Capital City operates under a complex governance structure involving several administrative bodies and faces multiple challenges. Coordination gaps between different administrative bodies, funding issues and service delivery remain significant concerns for effective governance in Kampala.

Findings from ACRC research in Kampala show that addressing these challenges requires a concerted effort among all stakeholders – government bodies, civil society organisations, community representatives, and citizens – to streamline governance structures, improve communication and coordination, enhance transparency, and ensure equitable distribution of resources and services across the city.

Recap on our webinar, held in November 2023, which explored key findings from the ACRC research in Kampala and featured an expert panel discussion around navigating complex city governance structures and delivering urban reform.


  • Sarah Nandudu (Chairperson, Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda)
  • Fiona Nshemerirwe (Urban Development Expert, UN-Habitat)
  • Joseph Walter Pade (Commissioner Urban Development, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development)
  • Namazzi Olive Kagobola (LCV Woman Councillor, Nakawa A)


  • Paul Isolo Mukwaya (Urban Action Lab)
  • Peter Kasaija (Urban Action Lab)


  • Teddy Kisembo (Urban Action Lab)

Watch the full webinar recording below.

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Header photo credit: SDI / Flickr (CC BY 2.0). Kisenyi informal settlement in Kampala, Uganda.

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