African cities are full of successful reform stories, but how can we best identify, analyse and celebrate what works?

ACRC ran a session as part of the RISE Africa Action Festival on Wednesday 22 May 2024, introducing the urban reform database and exploring some recent examples of urban reform.

Kate Lines and Elizabeth Dessie presented the database as a learning tool for urban development researchers and practitioners and shared some of the success stories featured on the platform, with Ezana Haddis Weldeghebrael covering the central role that urban reform coalitions have played in many successes – and how this fits into ACRC’s overall theory of change.

Convened by ICLEI Africa, one of the consortium’s core partners, this year’s RISE Africa Action Festival ran from 22-25 May 2024 and was centred around the theme “SOLUTIONS ONLY [failures also]”.

If you missed the RISE Africa session, you can watch the full recording below in English or French.

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    Header photo credit: peeterv / Getty Images (via Canva Pro). Busy market streets in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.

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