Tanzanian newspaper The Guardian covered a recent stakeholder engagement workshop held by ACRC’s Dar es Salaam team. The aim of the meeting was to formally introduce the research programme to stakeholders, outline the issues it is aiming to address, and build interest for the co-production of evidence along with uptake and dissemination.

Speaking to The Guardian, the informal settlements domain lead for Dar es Salaam, Tim Ndezi, highlighted the importance of inclusive housing for combatting poverty and achieving sustainable transformation in the city.

Colman Msoka, city lead for the neighbourhood and district economic development domain, commented on the prevalence of household microenterprises (HMEs) in Dar es Salaam, and the need for them to be properly recognised as catalysts for socioeconomic development.

Political settlements co-lead for ACRC’s work in the city, Sabatho Nyamsenda, further explained how ACRC’s research will delve into the political factors underpinning the growth of informal settlements.

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Header photo credit: Moiz Husein / Getty Images (via Canva Pro). Aerial view of the Temeke area in Dar es Salaam.