ACRC’s research in Maiduguri has been covered by a number of radio and television stations, in English, Kanuri and Hausa along with other local languages. As well as news coverage of workshops and advocacy visits to the media houses, the city team has featured on discussion programmes centred around ACRC’s research mandate and the activities carried out so far in the city.

The team used the engagements to highlight ACRC’s research approach and how the programme is aiming to generate evidence and drive inclusive urban reform through action research.

As one of 12 focus cities within the ACRC programme, Maiduguri is facing challenges around its fast-growing population, inadequate infrastructure and services, weak governance and limited economic opportunities – especially for young people. Along with analysing political settlements and city of systems to better understand the complex issues affecting urban development in the city, the Maiduguri research team is conducting studies in three urban development domains: land and connectivity, youth and capability development, and safety and security.

Some discussions were held in Kanuri and Hausa languages to facilitate understanding for listeners who are not English speakers, while news coverage was also translated into six or seven other local languages spoken in the state.

View or listen to the media engagements below.

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Header photo credit: ACRC Maiduguri uptake team. Uptake lead Babakura Bukar being interviewed by Nigerian Television Authority news.

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